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Acting classes for bloggers

Are you looking to improve your on-camera skills and attract a larger audience? Our expert tips and techniques can help you become an engaging on-camera star. With our guidance, you'll be able to connect with your viewers and grow your audience in no time.

Have you ever wondered why different bloggers with almost the same content have a completely different amount of followers? And believe me, it's not about their look, quality of equipment or hashtags. At our school, we develop an individual approach when working with bloggers and influencers to achieve maximum results. Some of the main aspects we work on are:

🔸 The ability to explain things clearly and well. ​
We learn to identify your target audience and develop an approach accordingly. This also includes developing your online type.

🔸 Stage speech.
It is important not only to find interesting facts and shoot beautiful videos, but also to convey the necessary information to the viewer professionally. We work on our voice and speech, like with professional actors.

🔸 Getting rid of physical and emotional blocks. Revealing individuality and charisma.
Many people, even the most successful social media influencers, do not feel comfortable in front of the camera. Learn to relax and enjoy the process; discover your individuality and learn to improvise with personalized training and exercises.

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