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Acting classes for beginners and pros

"FACTOR is not just a school. It is a home for all curious and creative individuals who want to expand their horizons. Hollywood is closer than it seems."

Julia Monteon

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The story of FACTOR school

“After receiving a bachelor’s degree in acting at the Kiev University of Theater, Film and Television, I went to study in the USA for a year. The goal was to get that very “Hollywood school”, to touch upon techniques that were not common at home. After graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, I began to actively work in the industry and realized that I wanted to devote myself to training actors and sharing with them different techniques that I've learned throughout the years in different countries. That's how FACTOR method of helping students to create their own technique was born." ~ Julia Monteon

FACTOR acting school is a creative platform for individuals eager to explore and grow, it's a unique place where from the comfort of your own home you can join the backstage world and learn about incredible human capabilities. It's the place to let go and follow your dreams. To trust and experiment. To live, love and act.


Online classes

The most convenient learning format that fits your schedule 

Individual approach
Methods and techniques designed exclusively for you

Industry secrets
Everything from getting an audition to securing a part in a project

International students

FACTOR has no time or space limits, we speak multiple languages!

FACTOR's Method

The main idea behind FACTOR's method is creating a system that will work specifically for you.  

In FACTOR we believe that every single human being is unique and capable of taping into their endless creative possibilities. 

“I have studied various acting systems and methods in the United States and Europe for over ten years, and the only conclusion I have drawn over those years is that each actor must develop their own system. Together, we will identify your strengths and weaknesses and, with the help of hundreds of exercises developed over many years, work to achieve the best results.” – Julia Monteon

Freedom is our main motto.

We believe in creativity, limitlessness, breaking stereotypes and moving away from the boundaries offered by many other schools.

Getting rid of stage fright and insecurities, developing emotional agility and responsiveness, the ability to act spontaneously and surprise casting directors and producers—all these qualities are already inherent in you, and we will simply help you reveal them in full force.

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