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One-on-one acting classes

Acting school admission prep, coaching before auditions, individual rehearsals for ongoing projects, working with voice, body and emotions, getting rid of the fear of public speaking.

We offer a completely personalized approach to each actor and student, regardless of experience, age, country of residence and education.

About our classes

We offer three class packages and two courses.


Single classes and packages

Single class

One-hour individual online lesson with preliminary consultation and individually selected work material.



Four online weekly classes with offline consulting.



Eight individual online classes with offline consulting.


Courses with certificates of completion

3-months course

12 weekly one-on-one sessions +  career consulting and portfolio development assistance.


6-months course

24 weekly one-on-one sessions + career consulting + assistance with developing an acting portfolio, and preparing audition materials.


Online classes

Skip the traffic and choose your convenient time and space 

Individual approach

Exersises modifified specifically for your needs

Acting for theatre and film

Be prepared for various genres and projects currently casting

International market
Prepare a universal portfolio to work around the globe

Which classes should you pick?

Single classes are ideal for professional actors with a constantly changing schedule. Each individual lesson can have its own purpose: preparing for auditions, working on a specific scene in a current project, updating a photo and video portfolio, or breaking down a script.

Пакеты «Четверка» и «Восьмерка» The 4- and 8-packs are designed for a month-long acting intensive. They are well suited for actors who are preparing specific material for casting directors, updating their acting portfolio, or want to dive deeper into the FACTOR acting school methodology and work on their weaknesses and strengths. These packages are subject to availability.

3- and 6-month courses are a comprehensive program of individual lessons that are ideal for both beginners and professionals. In addition to an individual acting program designed just for you, you will also receive a course in public speaking, stage movement and relaxation techniques, as well as personalized career advice.

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